How One Hire Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!


When you think about the cost of one bad hire it is MIND BLOWING!

I love working with small businesses because hiring significantly impacts company success. This is why I created the Talent Quest Program—to help companies make great hiring decisions.



I created the Talent Quest system because I wanted something different. I wanted to be able to approach hiring from a more scientific approach where I could uncover evidence to determine if the person would be great at the job not just good.


I wanted to help my company grow and thrive but it was more than that. I wanted to hire people and help them be the best they could be. I wanted it to be a Win-Win where both parties were happy and fulfilled.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone love their job and blow their own minds with the results.


I created an easy six step process called the Talent Quest Hiring System

The benefit is it reduces the subjectiveness of the hiring process and the likelihood of a bad hire while ensuring you get the best person for every role in your organization.

You get great people and they have their dream job!




The Talent Quest signature program includes everything you need to implement my recommended hiring system and includes video training and three coaching sessions.

The program consists of the following components:

1. The Talent Quest Workbook. The workbook provides all of the forms, instruction, and scripts to conduct the entire process and implement it in your business.

2. Video Training Modules. The video modules teach you how to conduct each step of the process. The videos combined with the workbook make it easier for you to learn.

3. Three Personal Coaching Sessions. Individual coaching with me to help you as you learn the process and implement it in your business.


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