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Hi! I'm Kelly White

Coach. Trainer. Salsa Lover.

My passion is helping real estate brokers and managers build better businesses by recruiting and hiring the right people. Most real estate brokers say they want great people yet they don’t have an easy, and consistent, system for recruiting or hiring. Well, now they do. I have created training, coaching, and resources to help real estate brokers like you recruit the best real estate agents and hire the right staff so you can focus on what you do best—growing your business.

People often refer to me as a matchmaker for businesses. I know how to match great people with great companies. People are like puzzles and finding out what makes them tick is the key to finding the best talent. My passion for connecting and engaging with people is what makes me an expert at recruiting and hiring.

Even as a little girl I was a dichotomy. I had severe asthma AND was fiercely competitive. These two really didn’t seem to go together because asthma limited my options. This did not deter me. I managed to find a channel for my competitiveness that also helped my asthma—swimming!

I'm still a dichotomy—intensely driven yet profoundly compassionate. When I have a goal I go after it with gusto! It's no surprise that the competitive girl with a heart for caring would one day become an entrepreneur and business coach.

My zest for life is only matched by my love of salsa. I am the salsa lover of all salsa lovers. My husband jokingly says, “You would put salsa on your cereal.” I never met a salsa I didn’t like—the hotter the better.

I promise to bring this same intensity and caring into your business. Because, what I love the most is making a difference in the world, one conversation at a time. My vision is to help entrepreneurs like you build better real estate businesses, one recruit at a time. Let's talk.  


My vision is to help real estate brokers and managers build better real estate brokerages by finding great people through recruiting and hiring.




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Recruiting and hiring have similarities and differences - they both require a consistent and systematic approach but require a different skill set to be successful. This is why at Talent Attraction Experts we offer a full hiring system and a customized recruiting system.

Recruiting real estate sales people requires a long-term relationship building campaign and strategy. You need to build a powerful pipeline of targeted real estate agents that fit your culture and brand. Hiring staff in the real estate industry is typically a short-term process with a promise to pay someone a certain amount.

Real estate agents are 100% commission so the attraction is not a pay check. The attraction is the value that you offer them and it often takes time for a real estate agent to change companies. Because of this difference, the recruiting process is more of a sales conversation. If you are good at recruiting, you might take someone through the recruiting process and stay in touch building a relationship for years before they join you.

Recruiting is not an instant gratification activity.

My best advice, regardless of whether you are hiring or recruiting, is to use a consistent system so that you have a way to validate whether a candidate|prospect is a good fit for your organization. This is why we designed and offer the Recruiting Success System and the Talent Quest Signature Hiring Program. We help you with all of your hiring and recruiting needs.


At Talent Attraction Experts, we are experts at hiring and recruiting in the real estate industry.



Don't fall in love on the first date: how hiring is like dating, Part 1

Whether you are looking for the ideal hire or the perfect mate, becoming an expert at attracting talent is a key component. To be successful at hiring, recruiting, or even dating, we have to attract, or draw, potential candidates, or talent.

In this series of three articles I will address two forms of employment: hiring and recruiting. By hiring we mean a job where you get paid a salary and are considered an employee. The skill of hiring is different than recruiting because you have an exchange of money for the completion of work. The definition of recruiting in these articles assumes that there is not a paycheck involved, as in sub-contractor or commission-based positions. The skill of recruiting is different because the offer is not a paycheck. The value to someone who is not receiving a set salary is different and requires a different set of skills.