When I talk to people about hiring, most people say that the hardest thing is finding qualified candidates. The complain about having to weed through hundreds of resumes or placing job ads with so many respondents that they can’t keep up.

I recommend that you use multiple sources in order to generate qualified candidates and as mentioned in my earlier blog past it starts with the Talent Profile. First, you must clearly know what you are looking for before you begin to generate candidates.

The key to finding qualified candidates is having lots of candidates to choose from. I always say, “The quality is in the quantity.” What does this mean? It means that the more people you find the higher the likelihood that you will find someone talented. It’s a little like a needle in a hay stack. A talented hire is not going to be any person walking down the street. That means that you are going to have to search to find them and this means kissing a lot of frogs.

So, how do you decrease the number of frogs you have to kiss? I recommend using a process I like to call the Who Do You Know Who Conversation. The Who Do You Know Who conversation is a way of using your greatest resource - your personal and professional network - to generate qualified candidates.

To conduct this conversation, you will need your Talent Profile (what you want in a candidate) and a list of 25 people (including phone numbers) in your personal or professional network. You call each person on your list and use the following script:

Hi Gary, it’s Kelly White from Talent Attraction Experts, how are you today? The reason
I am calling is my company is growing and I have an exciting opportunity for the right person. I know that you know a lot of people so would you mind if I take 5 minutes and tell you a little about what I am looking for? [briefly describe the role and what’s on your Talent Profile.] Who do you know who fits this criteria? Who else do you know that I can call who might know someone that fits this criteria? Can I send you my Talent Profile?”

If you call 25 people, you will have 25 potential candidates that are already recommended by somebody you know. This is very different than reviewing 25 resumes from strangers you have never met. I have found this is the quickest way to identify talented candidates.